How Do Merchants Violate Visa and MasterCard Rules?

VISA and MasterCard Rules and Regulations

Many merchant violations of the VISA and MasterCard rules don’t even know they have committed a violation. Most stores don’t have any procedural information about how to process a credit card sale as part of their employee training other than hitting the “sale” button, and why should they? Are there any consequences?

I am continually shocked by the number of merchant violations of the Visa and MasterCard rules made by merchants I shop with on a daily basis. Here are a few mistakes I’ve personally witnessed merchants make:

Merchants found in violation of Visa and MasterCard rules can be reported by completing a violation form with either the bank that issued the customer their card, or on Visa or MasterCard’s website. Merchants can be fined or shut down. Make sure you do research before you decide to create and post a store policy, so you can avoid getting reported for violating card association rules.

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