About Chargeback Alerts

Closing the information gap between merchants and card issuers, Chargeback Alerts significantly reduces the time it takes for merchants to be notified. Merchants are notified of confirmed chargeback fraud within a few minutes, hours or days instead of the usual three to six weeks.

While other chargeback companies help merchants fight chargebacks that have already happened, Chargeback Alerts has taken a completely new approach. Chargeback Alerts works with the issuing banks to receive real-time information from them when a merchant’s customer calls into the bank to dispute a transaction as fraudulent. Within minutes, merchants are notified that a customer is going to do a chargeback so that the merchant can contact the customer before a chargeback ever starts.

Stop Goods and Services Fraud

Normally chargebacks have already happened before merchants even know about they have happened and result in loss of product or goods and services. Normally receiving chargeback notifications thru the mail or maybe by your processor thru email after they receive a notification that a chargeback has occurred.

Chargeback Alert’s helps avoid loss due to fraud giving merchants the ability to recover valuable goods and services that they would otherwise lose. With Chargeback Alert’s platform merchants are notified immediately, giving them the opportunity to address any issues before valuable product or merchandise is shipped or valuable services are performed, saving merchants time and money. All while protecting your brand and your customer experience is much more valued.

Stop Fraudulent Orders:

Refund Transactions:

Benefits of Chargeback Alerts

Issuers normally contact a cardholder if they flag a transaction as potentially fraudulent. Which means the merchant isn’t notified that a chargeback occurs until much later. Chargeback Alerts notifies the merchant instantly giving them more options to get ahead of a costly chargeback altogether along with the direct and indirect cost associated with getting a chargeback. Chargeback Alerts platform notifications give merchants the ability to offer possible refunds, avoiding a chargeback all together if possible, saving their business from chargeback marks on the MIDs and saving their business costly repercussions later.

Prevent Repeat Offenders!

Learn what the fraudster knows by unearthing “holes” in your organization’s defenses that fraudsters have discovered. Instead of waiting for chargebacks to start rolling in, discover what the fraudster knows and take immediate steps to repair the gaps. With Chargeback Alerts closing the information gap between card issuers and merchants, merchants are now able to use this information and data to stop the fulfillment of goods and services helping them to eliminate costs and fees associated with fraudulent transactions. Chargeback Alerts helps merchants:

Reliable Reduction in Chargebacks with Notifications

Our chargeback alert system notifies merchants of chargebacks quickly and easily. Chargeback Alerts gives merchants the ability to manage their chargebacks in a timely manner and gives them the ability to possibly rectify situations quickly and avoid a chargeback altogether. PrismPay’s chargeback alerts platform helps create better relationships between merchants and customers. Save time and money as Chargeback Alerts’ Fraud Alert Service drastically reduces the time it takes a merchant to receive notice of confirmed fraud from six weeks to just a few minutes, hours, or days by signing up today to start protecting your business!

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