Is One Shopping Cart Better Than Another?

Shopping Cart Features and Security

When starting a new business, most merchants generally focus on the features of their shopping cart and how the website itself looks. We pick our colors and how much items cost. We look for how the customer will enter their order, or how we will track shipping.

The most important consideration is: When customers buy your product, how do they pay you? The visual aspect of your website, the most important part, is a shopping cart. This is where customers choose products to purchase and where they pay. There are many different shopping cart options for people to choose. Every online business is different, and shopping carts are customized to fit your business needs.

First, when looking for your business’s shopping cart, it is important to know what features you would like it to accommodate. Most shopping carts can total orders, calculate tax and shipping costs, and transmit information via a payment gateway to process a sale.

The second important item to keep in mind when selecting your shopping cart is whether or not it is compatible with your payment gateway. Not all shopping carts like to play in the same sandbox. For example is a well known industry gateway. However, even this industry giant does not work with Yahoo’s shopping cart. It is always good to check with your web developer before signing up with a specific gateway. Some smaller gateways, such as Transaction Central, may be compatible with a limited number of shopping carts, but provides many customizable features.

Some other features to look for in a shopping cart are:

It is also important to check with your web developer to make sure you get a SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer). This is required by almost all gateways and ensures that card holder data traveling over the internet is encrypted. It is decrypted once it is received by the processor. There are many shopping carts out in the market, so it’s best to write down all the features you want before beginning your search.

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