Terminal Solutions

Terminal Solutions

POS Cloud Connect supports a wide variety of payment solutions. This allows our system to fit any business model. You choose how and where you want to get paid, and POS Cloud Connect will do the rest. How and where would you like to get paid? Sign up with PrismPay Now! POS Cloud Connect is a versatile solution that can prove beneficial across a large variety of businesses. No matter what industry you’re working in, or what you need done, you can count on POS Cloud Connect to take care of it. Uncover more details about PrismPay, POS Cloud Connect, and what we can do for you when you sign up today. Find out about the many Supported POS solutions and systems that PrismPay has to offer by signing up.

Bring a Variety of Features to Your Business

PrismPay serves first and foremost as a means of establishing a fast, secure link to customer payments, allowing funds to come to you as fast as possible with industry-certified security. But on top of this speed and security, PrismPay also adds a level of variety to your business that gives you a valuable tool when it comes to connecting with your customers or patrons.


Legacy Terminal Solutions

You don’t have to have new hardware to make the most of PrismPay. The payment gateway solution is built to be lightweight and can be taken advantage of on most terminals. This gives you the option to leverage of all the great features PrismPay has to offer without requiring you to invest in new hardware along the way. That means you’re only one small investment away from adding an enormous feature set to your business. You’re only one click away from signing up and getting started, too.


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Mobile Terminal Solutions

If you’d rather take advantage of PrismPay on a phone or tablet, mobile terminal options might be the perfect option for you. Our mobile terminal solutions work on most popular phones and tablets. Simply use hardware supplied by PrismPay to get started taking payments quickly and securely. Plus, with the advanced suite of capabilities that come standard with most mobile devices, you can implement a number of customer-friendly options into any payment process. Sign up now to take the first step.


Terminal Management Made Easy

With PrismPay Cloud Connect, it’s easy to connect with and control all of your terminals from one place. This gives you an easy means through which to issue updates, distribute ads, send alerts, and much more. There’s no better way to put complete control over your whole system in one easy-to-access place, reducing the time you need to spend managing your systems and increasing the time you can focus on your priorities. Sign up today to get started with PrismPay.


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