Convenience Fees

Convenience Fees

Convenience fees are a simple way to add an additional charge onto any purchase meeting a certain set of conditions. Do you want to implement convenience fees into your existing payment structure in either a physical or digital storefront? With the Convenience Fees functionality from PrismPay, it’s now incredibly easier to charge customers convenience fees for any set number of circumstances.


Bring Convenience Fees to Your Business

With the Convenience Fee functionality from PrismPay, you can automatically delegate the specific conditions required for when a convenience fee will be charged. This works seamlessly in conjunction with the system you already have in place as a separate module. That means that it can easily manage tracking and reporting of convenience fees independently of the rest of your system, making it ideal for any industry.

  • Charge by Payment Type
  • Charge by Location
  • Charge by Amount
  • Charge by Return
  • Many More Options

Easy to Implement

Adding convenience fees to your transactions doesn’t have to be difficult. By working with PrismPay, you can establish a set of conditions under which a convenience fee is charged. These can include when a certain kind of payment method is used or when a certain service is chosen. With this set of parameters in place, it’s easy for your system to know quickly when it’s time to charge a fee, giving you a regulated system and a predictable revenue stream. Sign up below to get started with PrismPay’s easy-to-implement Convenience Fees functionality.

Use It in-Store or Online

Convenience fees make sense to add to your business, but you don’t just have to add them online. You can also add them in-store when a certain set of circumstances is met. This gives you full control over business practices on both fronts. By taking advantage of this feature in stores at the point-of-sale and online, you’ll be able to not only have more consistent policies, but you’ll also be able to generate more from your store.

Works with Your Current System

The best part of the Convenience Fees functionality from PrismPay is that it’s incredibly easy to bring into your existing system. PrismPay is quick to implement its dedicated solution to you in a standalone package or as part of a collected approach. The collected approach gives you a variety of other tools to put into use alongside your new Convenience Fees functionality. With PrismPay, it’s effortless to take your business to the next level. Click below to sign up and get started with us.
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