Payment Innovations & Technology

Notice Regarding Cellular Network Changes in the US

Avoid the scenario where you can no longer process transactions by reviewing your current terminals and checking if they will be usable moving forward. The specific terminals to look out for are listed below. If you have further concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us! Affected Mobile Terminals The S90 Credit Card Processing Terminal will be […]

Scalability: Building Your Business for Transactional Growth

When starting a business, most business owners hope to quickly grow. After all, more customers mean more revenue. But if you aren’t prepared, expanding could put your business at risk. Obviously, having enough inventory, staff and equipment is critical to expanding operations. One area that many merchants overlook is processing credit card transactions. You have […]

New Innovations Are Keeping Credit Card Information Secure

In today’s economy, more and more people are turning to using credit cards. With this new onslaught of credit card users there comes a greater possibility of fraud. The payment card industry had made great progress in compliance and security. Visa and MasterCard are actively creating technology and guidelines to protect consumers and merchants alike […]

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