Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments

PrismPay has created a number of recurring billing solutions to help our merchants when and where they need it. PrismPay has been designed to allow any merchant to submit, created, edit report, track, and manage recurring or subscription-based transactions from any place you interact with your customers. Sign up now to take advantage of recurring billing solutions with PrismPay.

Schedule Payments Any Number of Ways

A recurring billing transaction is when a cardholder purchases a good or service and pays for the good in fixed installments. Instead of charging one price to the customer, the business will set up fixed payment amounts and a billing schedule for those payments. The interval of time for the billing cycle can vary from daily, weekly, monthly, annually, and many more variations in which the consumer will be charged the same agreed-upon amount each time. The billing will continue until the customer the good or service has been paid for or the contract for the good or service has come to an end.

Access Advanced Analytics

Once a customer has been created on the gateway, there is an entire recurring billing management platform that the merchant can access to manage as few as one customer as a many as an entire portfolio of customers. PrismPay provides the merchant with trend analysis on billing, notifications on card expiration, and complete edit capabilities of a customer’s profile. Sign up now to start with PrismPay today.

Implement a Wide Array of Features

PrismPay supports several POS terminals that have been specifically designed to support recurring payments. We have designed the terminal interface so that a merchant can tell us what they would like the language to be on the screen, and we can even have the customer sign the screen and save the signature and agreement. Or the POS terminal can be connected to our simple virtual POS, or a merchant can connect it to their POS system as well using our POS Cloud Connect platform. Now with our POS Cloud Connect system you can quickly enable swipe and EMV payments into any mobile environment along with adding recurring billing acceptance as well.

More on Recurring Payments

Make the Most of Your Business with PrismPay

Recurring billing significantly reduces administrative costs by allowing the PrismPay platform to manage all of the payments for you. PrismPay provides multiple ways to engage the customer at the point-of-sale (POS) and with multiple methods for creating recurring billing and subscription signups. Now you can engage your customer on the phone, through your website, or at the POS terminal and collect the customer’s payment information, billing amount, and establish the payment schedule. Sign up now to begin with PrismPay’s recurring billing solutions.

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