Payment Processing in 2019

Is Your Business Protected with EMV Payment Processing For Small Businesses?

With the advancement of payment methods, consumers can shop via more outlets than ever before; making security a huge issue for business owners. The threat of payment processing fraud is at an all time high making it more important than ever to have confidence in your payment processing platform. Prismpay is just that, a payment gateway that improves payment processing by protecting business owners and customers from cyber-crime and poor coding. Our outlet provides users with advanced payment security options that will make transactions safe and reliable.

Payments Made Easy

As a business owner, your payment processing aspect should be virtually invisible to you. The Prismpay payment processing API allows for quick and easy transaction processing and provides real-time transaction history. This leads to a decrease in unnecessary chargebacks and can help limit errors in your business.

Prismpay specifically allows merchants to control the entire payment process through the cloud by using POS Cloud Connect. This revolutionary software provides a secure method of payment by taking a merchants POS application completely out of the scope for PADSS and EMV. With this software, business owners decide the manner in which they present payment information to consumers.

Reliable Processing

Technology performance is at an all time high and consumers are taking advantage of this luxury. For a business to survive, it is vital that they provide their customers with a safe and reliable payment processing method to enhance their experience. Prismpay offers merchants the ability to securely process payments in a quick and effortless manner.

For more information, contact us directly at (855) 204-3838, or request a demo on how Prismpay can help protect your business with EMV payment processing.

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