Can You Afford to Give Your Credit Card Processing to the Lowest Bidder?

With 80% of online shoppers using credit cards, you can’t afford NOT to take credit cards. Did you know that merchants offering credit cards as a payment option increase their profitability by estimated 50%? With the inherent advantages involving credit card processing, should you really go with your initial instinct and choose the cheapest option?
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Let’s face it – we all strive to have that BMW as opposed to a Dodge Neon, and even shop around for the best appliances. Knowing this, have you ever stopped to wonder why we, as business owners, opt for the lowest bidding credit card processor for something as important as our business?

As with other products, cheaper does not necessarily equate to better. How about reliability? If your customers are charged the wrong amount, or transactions are declined due to an unreliable or inaccurate gateway, who do you think they will blame? That’s right, YOU! Consider this – is the money you’re saving using the cheapest solution worth the cost of losing future business?

Let me share with you this example, a few weeks ago, a merchant was having trouble getting cards approved on his website. He then had his funds held by his processor. His merchant services provider told him it was his gateway and conversely, the gateway provider told him it was his merchant services provider. Needless to say, this merchant chose his provider based on the lowest bid, and what he got as far as service and reliability was a whole lot of finger-pointing and denial of liability.

I’m sure as business owners you are bombarded with calls and mailers from merchant services companies on a daily basis claiming their fees are the lowest. Fees for merchant services are an unfortunate reality, irrespective of the processor you choose, so it is important to choose the right company to partner up with.

Here are some things you should know when deciding on a merchant services provider:

In my experience in this business, I have come across numerous merchants that received exactly what they paid for – very little.

Take my advice, do your homework and don’t settle for the lowest bidder. Contact us Now or Call Us Now at 855-204-3838 and see how we can help you!  Do it Now!

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