Merchants: Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant?

Are Your Vendors PCI Compliant? Visa, who has always been the strictest association regarding PCI compliance, data security, and cardholder protection, has set the pace again. Merchants who accept multiple card types are required to follow the strictest card operating guidelines to become PCI compliant which usually come from Visa. They issued series of mandates […]

PCI Compliance – Why Merchants Need to Take It Seriously – Part 2

In Part I, I discussed the importance of PCI compliance, consequences of non-compliance and the effect of account termination on a merchant. Part II will discuss the basics of PCI compliance responsibility and how merchants can avoid fines and account termination. Who is Responsible for PCI Compliance? In order to be PCI compliant, all acquirers, […]

PCI Compliance – Why Merchants Need to Take It Seriously – Part 1

Having a merchant account comes with responsibility.  While a merchant may be concerned with revenue and how to grow its business, payment card industry (PCI) compliance should be at the top of the list as well.  The main purpose of PCI compliance is data security, which applies to any party involved in processing credit card […]

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