VISA or MasterCard – Who’s Stronger

Most people don’t distinguish a difference between Visa and MasterCard – both are champions going head to head in a fight to see which plastic is going to be in your wallet. As far as the average person is concerned, the two cards are identical. In most other industries when you have two similar companies, they typically have some different products. Let’s sound the bell and let the battle begin.

Both companies have a lot going for them.  They are (even in today’s economy) considered to be excellent stocks with prospects of a bright future. They have an excellent product in a world moving to cashless options. Visa has gotten a great deal of attention because of its IPO in 2008. It is my opinion that both companies have exploded from their respective IPOs, but MasterCard still remains the more stable bet.

Here Are Some Things to Consider

Keep in mind that Visa and MasterCard are technology companies.  They are not responsible for any credit card losses due to unpaid bills. Both MasterCard and Visa just facilitate the transactions. The banks, such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, are responsible for the debt. Even though Visa is twice the size of MasterCard, don’t let that be the deciding factor on which of these two giants is better overall.

Here is something most may not know about Visa. Visa left its most lucrative market out of the shares you and I bought when they went public – I am referring to their European market. Europe is now under one currency and growth is anticipated since inter-country commerce has been made easier. Visa Europe is still owned by European banks, and operates as a licensee of Visa you can purchase stock in. With MasterCard, you purchase European operations when you purchase stock.

So why do I lean toward MasterCard as the wiser and more sound investment? MasterCard enables you to get a piece of the very lucrative European action. Also, many analysts say that say that MasterCard’s growth will soon move far ahead of Visa.

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