More Payment Gateway Options Than Ever Before

Prismpay offers many features merchants can benefit from. Merchants have access to fraud prevention and protection tools, security and accounting software integrations just to name a few.

Want to try us out and see what benefits Prismpay truly offers merchants? Why not get started with a free trial or sign up now to guarantee your payment data is secure for you and your business.

A Global Leader in Payment Solutions

PrismPay is a world leader in real-time payment solutions. Our intuitive gateway is fast, easy, and affordable. We make it simple for clients to analyze and manage merchant accounts. With unlimited reseller setups you can arrange the system to accommodate the unique needs of your business. With new services and the latest in tech solutions, PrismPay is leading the way in real-time payment management for resellers. Find out more about how you and your merchants can make the most of our suite of services by signing up.

Providing More Revenue Opportunities

Many payment gateways only provide a portion of the solution. PrismPay is dedicated to offering more opportunities for resellers and their merchants. We are able to do this through our unparalleled technology and programs. Don’t miss out on chances for revenue with only part of a solution. Instead, allow yourself to take advantage of the entire opportunity. You and your merchants deserve a gateway that is going enhance your income potential. With PrismPay you can use real-time analysis and reporting to make the most of every transaction. Your business deserves a payment gateway that can be as agile and forward thinking as you.

The Right Tools to Serve Your Merchants.

PrismPay is pleased to offer a variety of features for reseller accounts. A reseller account functions as a modified merchant account. Resellers have extra privileges. These come in addition to access to the PrismPay Gateway. These let resellers manage other merchant accounts in real-time. Thanks to real-time management, users can see and react to transactions as they happen. This real-time reporting allows you to be more responsive to your merchants. Resellers can quickly address any potential issues and keep them from becoming problems.

A Premium Payment Gateway for Resellers and Their Merchants

PrismPay is a payment gateway you can rely on for the businesses of you and your clients. With our comprehensive suite of services, we are able to offer resellers the control and customization they need to make the most of their processes. Learn more about how you can take advantage of reseller opportunities from PrismPay today when you sign up.
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