Reseller Solutions

Reseller Solutions

Prismpay has your Coding Solution! Every answer is unique when it comes to the world of EMV transactions. Different industries and solutions often need their own specific terminals, and terminal applications. To address this, Prismpay has made an application programming interface (API) just for coding and certifying new terminals for the different processing platforms. Sign up with Prismpay today to take advantage of our specialized support.

Prismpay is proud to support U.S. EMV certifications for a variety of different payment processors. See some of our supported platforms on the list to the right.Our POS Cloud Connect system is a primary aspect of the Prismpay gateway. This feature seamlessly works with our Terminal Manager System. This lets our clients control and update their own POS terminals. That’s in addition to providing reporting and tracking for each and every transaction, merchant and reseller working with your terminal. Uncover how customizable coding options through Prismpay‘s Supporting a Wide Variety of Platforms can help you control your own terminal solutions. Sign up for Prismpay today to get started.

Empowering Merchants Across Industries

PrismPay can help resellers, and their clients, maximize revenue with a comprehensive suite of high-tech solutions. See more about how PrismPay can benefit you throughout a broad range of industries. The services from PrismPay are designed to give businesses the tools they need to succeed. We are also able to provide unlimited reseller setups to allow clients to customize their accounts. See our payment optimization solutions to learn more about how we can help. Sign up to find out about some of the industries and merchants that are able to take advantage of PrismPay’s suite of services.

Reseller Management

Our service is a complete real-time transaction management system. It allows resellers to directly manage unlimited merchant accounts with up-to-the-minute precision. With specialized merchant accounts resellers are able to access the PrismPay gateway. This is in addition to other special privileges unique to resellers. Within the management portal you can add and search for additional resellers. Managers can also directly edit reseller profile, or login as a reseller themselves. With unlimited reseller profiles available you can make your account as large or as customized as you want it to be.

Private Label Solutions

PrismPay offers private label solutions to give you the level of customized care you deserve. With dedicated servers you can ensure that you and your merchants won’t be forced to deal with downtime or interruptions. That means your transactions will be consistently successful. Thanks to the partitioned Oracle 11g database you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure. You will also receive branded documentation specific to your own unique brand. Experience a level of service and accommodation that has helped to propel us as a global leader for payment gateway services. Our private label features include the following:

Get Ahead with the Right Payment Gateway

At PrismPay we are happy to support our resellers throughout the sales process. With dependable support and reliable technology we look forward to optimizing the businesses of resellers and merchants.You can discover the difference our convenient, real-time reporting can make for your business. Experience our comprehensive suite of reseller privileges to see what you can do with a proper payment gateway. Sign up now to see more about the opportunities PrismPay can present for you.
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