Payment Optimization

Payment Optimization

Micro billing or (MB) is the practice of charging a small amount for a small product or service offered—usually less than a dollar—that is small enough for most customers to invest happily. Adding MB to your business gives you an easy way to generate additional revenue while providing your customers with a minimal barrier to entry to your products and services. Micro billing can be an appealing option to customers who don’t see a small payment as necessarily a bad option to access what you sell. Adding MB to your existing system is extremely easy. You don’t need to install any new equipment to get started, and the micro billing manager installs alongside any equipment you already have in place. It’s easy to implement, and if you have any questions, Prismpay expert staff will help walk your through what you need to know to bring MB to your business quickly.

How We Optimize Payments

It’s easy to say we’ll deliver the payment optimization you need to achieve your ROI targets. It’s often a complex challenge to manage. The PrismPay team is up to the task! We’ll look at every aspect of your business and your payment systems. Then, we’ll offer solutions that allow central control and monitoring, reduce admin workload, standardize processes, customize software, and so much more. You’ll see lower costs by requiring fewer man-hours to manage your payments.

Time Is Money

We’ve all heard this age-old adage. But, when it comes to your payment processing functions, it couldn’t be more true. Payment optimization with PrismPay will help you cut down on the amount of time your internal team has to devote to your payment systems. Increasing direct connections, standardizing functions, and enhancing efficiencies throughout the process will open up these company resources for other uses. In other words, your people will spend less time with payments and more time in other key functions around your business. When we help save you time, you make more money.

Discover Our Expertise

PrismPay brings you all the benefits from our extensive experience in the payments processing industry. We’re the second-oldest remaining payment gateway infrastructure provider, and our superb in-house team features more than a century of combined experience. That means we’ve just about seen it all as we’ve served dozens of valued customers successfully. We’re here to bring our expertise to bear in all your payment optimization efforts, finding quick-wins and creating tailored strategies that work in the long-run. With PrismPay, you get it all.

Open Communication & Strong Service

No matter what your company’s size or the scope of your payment optimization needs, our team will deliver unmatched service throughout the process. We believe the best service starts and ends with consistent, open communication. We’ll communicate with you proactively, and we’re always available to answer questions any time you need to call. PrismPay is here to handle all your needs! Rely on our expert team as your partner for all your payment programs.

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